when it finds an end-of-line character (' ') or the end of the file. cin.read(char *buffer, int n): Reads n bytes (or until the end of the file) from the stream into the buffer. cin.ignore(int n): Ignores the next n characters from the input stream.

Mar 29, 2013 · That assumes the next character of the file is always in the variable nextchar. So, to read a token with scanf(), first put that character back into the input stream with ungetc() to "un-get" the character. Then, after scanfuse getchar() or getc() to read the delimiter and skip until EOF, a newline or a nonblank is seen.

How to find an end of file. C / C++ Forums on Bytes. ... Please read the C Standard and point out where stat() is defined. ... reach "end of input". But there is no ...

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I am having an incredibly difficult time wrapping my mind around this concept. Any help is greatly appreciated. I am asking for help in learning how to read an input file INTO an array that is not specified on how many values there are, So until EOF(end of file).